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Before School Karate - Starting as early as 6:30 am. Parents drop off their Children Before School. We will get the children wide awake with morning Karate Fun.  Then we transport each child to his school for a full day of academic learning.

After School Karate - Free transportation from your child's school to our Karate center. There each child gets to learn martial arts that includes Mind, Body and Spirit training. This includes Homework supervision, Mental training in games like Chess, Pente, and online games on our networked computers.  Children train their bodies to be strong, fast, slim, agile with balance and coordination through Karate classes that are supervised by certified Black Belt Masters. Parents can pick their child up at any time after the arrive at our Karate center.

Tiny Dragons Afternoon Classes - Even the smallest children, ages 3 - 5 years old can gain great benefits from training their little bodies that are full of energy! Come by or call us 703 919 9838 to get more information on our Tiny Dragons classes.

Evening Child & Adult/FAMILY Karate classes - Speak with the MASTER about how your family can learn and benefit from a good sweat with Karate training.

Private Karate Lessons - The Master teaches individual and family lessons in private at our center and in your own home or office.  Ask the Master for details.

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